the main services we offer

we care not only to create quality themes, but as well make sure users succeed to setup, easy to use admin interface.


SaaS & private cloud, onsite premises b/oss platform for postpaid & prepaid mobile solutions

emveno wholesale supply

emveno’s multi carrier approach allows MVNO’s access to all the major mobile carriers without the need to negotiate your own supply agreements


putting the customised apps in the customers hand to increase retention and revenue

emveno, a bit about us

emveno is a team of experienced professionals with backgrounds spanning decades years in the telco and ICT industries. the team have worked across retail and wholesale sectors and have a true understanding of what it takes to launch a successful mobile brand. our experience working in the telecommunications industry means our partners can launch a mobile brand, regardless of what their core business is. partners can capitalise on our expertise to produce a solution that expands their brand’s reach. our unique MVNO solution allows you to focus on improving your bottom line whilst we assure positive customer experiences. Our full service, modular offering means we can manage the day-to-day requirements of an MVNO business. from a call centre solution, to marketing support, we can do as much or as little as you need. all this, along with our unique and flexible billing platform, we offer everything an MVNO needs to compete in the marketplace. our platform is a feature rich and intuitive system that automates every part of the ordering and provisioning process and customer account functionalities. the platform has been built to ensure maximum efficiencies with minimal human input meaning lower operating costs for you. the platform solution is fully integrated with a multi carrier approach as well as payment gateways and credit bureaus ensuring seamless management of your customers and their services.