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you work hard to get your customers and we work harder to retain them, customers matter.

emveno's Business Services (ebs) combines our expertise from technology, management and business process.

BPO/back office

back office/bpo, reduce costs, improve, compete, focus on business. it matters

marketing and sales

acquire new customers, renew clients and win back targeted consumers. sales matter

technical support

customers demand support, we provide the know how, manpower, tech matters

call centre solutions

driving results and creating an unmatched customer experience. customers matter

outsourcing that provides flexible end-to-end services tailor fitted to your business needs.

With emveno Business Services (ebs), you can establish your own international or onshore office/operations in no time through our existing infrastructure and facilities, this approach provides a rapid and significant cost reduction, while retaining the control and flexibility.

With our existing operation sites, you can start your own operations quickly and be interviewing readily available candidates from our pool of qualified staff within a matter of days or few weeks. You can start working with your chosen team members OR you can let our Operations Team handle the training, supervision and overall management of the day to day activities.

emveno’s understand that businesses varies a lot in terms of how it is envisioned or setup. With emveno, you are provided with various operational models that are designed to fit your needs. Ranging from security, facilities, human resources, recruitment, payroll, training, operational process & policies along with implementation, and other related services/aspects for your operations.

On top of it all, you can expect cost savings of around 50-70% on employment costs.

Some of our clients choose to manage their own operations with their own hires and our team take care of all local services and requirements. While some prefer emveno to handle all operational matters. This allows our clients to focus and build their core business.

emveno delivers the knowledge, the know how, required to start-up, operate a low-cost back office and customer experience operations without sacrificing quality.

the emveno customer experience center brings the knowledge to innovate the way MVNO's engage customers

The emveno outsourced call center can help your MVNO establish a high-performing inbound call center, delivering excellent telephone, e-mail, and instant-messaging services to your customers every day, all-year-round. Whether your company needs five, twenty, or more than fifty bi-lingual customer service representatives to handle technical support, product/service inquiries, order taking, and other services, our outsourced call center is the right for you.

We understand what is required for your customers via our managed MVNO and we have the extensive experience in setting up and operating inbound contact centers that handle one or more of the following tasks:

  • technical support/troubleshooting
  • order taking and order processing
  • sales campaigns
  • customer retention projects
  • overflow calls from other in-house or external call centres

When you outsource you customer care needs, we see ourselves as a part of your business, and we fully understand that our work for your company is a crucial part of your customer experience strategy. customers matter

``we have the knowledge of MVNO and work with the major carriers. we have a deep understanding of their systems to improve your customer experience``
``we care for your business. We see our relationship as a partnership and not as a client. This is the kind of culture we have and this is what we will deliver. This culture allows you to rest assured that we have your best interest on our hearts and mind``

Partnership to Success


when you choose to partner with emveno we don’t just present you with a pre-designed solution. We take the time to sit down with you and really discuss your business. How you envision it to be then we tailor fit the solution based on what is needed.


Once your business strategy and right solution has been identified, emveno will setup and work with you all the way to ensure everything has been put into place from recruitment of the right people, all the way to getting your system and tools up and running.


Upon successful completion of the establishment of your BPO environment, our dedicated account directors employ the CANI principle. CONSTANT AND NEVERENDING IMPROVEMENT.  It is the process of improving your business and the customer experience, and we work with you to drive the goals which you are driving to achieve. emveno will be with you to continually support and grow your business

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