MOBI-apps the best way to stay connected with your customer and solving the distribution puzzle

having a good sound distribution model is imperative to the success of your brand. there are many options when distributing your good and services to ensure success.

with what is the mobile phenomenon of over 100%+ penetrations world-wide. the statistics show that an individual is never more than 6 metres from their mobile device at anytime.

this emphasises that the end-user is now more savvy and educated in regards to mobile technology, and has an insatiable appetite for instant response and supply.

the nature of an “app” and its immediate call to action design fit’s this end-user desire superbly and should be recognised and implemented as a key part to the success of your distribution mantra.

distribution is one of the major keys to success

The following three distribution methods are what we think will aid in your success;


a branded mobile app has benefits for both the MVNO and the end-user



MOBI-box is a dealer in a box solution that allows any shop front to be a sales channel 


a branded Social Media distribution via FACEBOOK and other social media outlets 

the MOBI-app

Branded mobile app has benefits for both the MVNO and the end-user

MOBI-apps are our fully rebranded mobile apps that allows for subscribers to fully manage their individual or grouped services. This will allow the subscriber to manage their account, recharge, gift credit and other features. the benefit to the MVNO, is that is will allow for more touch points, gain greater business intelligence on the subscriber habits to allow business case on better offers and to be always in the subscribers hand. the market intelligence offers the MVNO to target specific offers based on geo location. this is in particular interest to Retail Brand Solutions, retailers, who can offer promotions to attract subscriber into store and increase store foot traffic. increased store traffic is a metric used to forecast revenue and sales forecasts.

  • easy of Recharge top up which maintains consistent revenue
  • gifting, with the application you can gift Talk Time or data to friends and family.
  • online Voucher based gifting.
  • easy of Self Service which lowers the cost of support.
  • geographical Marketing for customers based on knowledge gathered from customer usage patterns
  • increase customer retention and lower churn

the MOBI-box

MOBI-box is a dealer in a box solution that allows any shop front to be a sales channel.
a dealer network is an important way for MVNO’s to attract and service their customer base. MOBI-box allows MVNO’s to attract any physical shop front as a sales/dealer channel via the MOBI-box app. the app allows dealers to process activations, recharge/top-ups and other products and services via numerous payment methods, but more importantly transact a cash sale.

the MOBI-box app manages the set up and management of the dealer relationship and makes it a very cost effective way of increasing a MVNO footprint. the app will allow for dealers to be set up in any location that there is mobile coverage including airports, public events and even in a retail branded MVNO’s shop outlet.

  • increased distribution reach via dealer network
  • increase revenue
  • closer to the end customer
  • lower cost of acquisition
  • fully automated process
  • allow dealers to be set up at airports or public events

the MOBI-pay

a mobile wallet
MOBI-pay allows you to take advantages of mobile banking and immediate payments around the world.

our MOBI-Wallet application uses technology specifically designed for mobile operators and is a full-featured mobile account with all the security (encryption) and functionality that is found in TelUPay’s services.

  • MOBI-wallet, is sometimes referred to as mobile money,   mobile money transfer. Instead of paying with cash,   cheque, or credit cardsYour end-user can simply use a   mobile phone to pay for a their services.
  • MOBI-allet can also be used for payment of other   mobile services, such as Family and Friends.
  • MOBI-wallet Gift payments can also be made by using   our MOBI-Wallet features

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