our MVNO retail brand solutions

retail brands, are part of the new wave of mobile communications
the world is fast moving towards a greater reliance on wireless technology, with an increased focus on niche mobile services with voice and data capability.

emveno is at the forefront of the new wave of mobile communications, allowing our customers to become MVNOs with the ability to create their own branding and marketing identity and phone offerings, while we manage their network capability.

as an MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler), we maintain relationships with key infrastructure suppliers to allow our clients to brand and market their network capacity in the form or voice or data services to customers.

as the leading MVNO, emveno manages the back-end functionality and works with savvy customers to create mobile plans to suit your voice, data or combined voice and data needs to reach customers effectively.

prepaid voice & data

leverage your brand

customers know and trust your brand.  as a MVNO you have the potential to leverage your brand to create tailored mobile services for niche markets and grow your business.  MVNOs simply source access retail ready prepaid packages from emveno, and resell under their own brand name.

while you retain a number of key services such as sales in-house, you outsource the non-value adding services to emveno.  keep your strategic cards close to your chest, and allow us to manage your backend operations.  with minimal costs to entry you can use your capital to create complementary services for growth.

mobile network coverage and network quality are key.  As a quality provider of MVNO services emveno ensures quality assurance for all data and voice services to minimise churn and ensure your brand reputation remains solid.

mobile broadband

data without the frills

emveno is offering a low-risk, low barrier to entry and market leading solution to provide a competitive advantage for targeting your niche customers.

a data only solution targets consumer market segments including games and music, data services, health services and other infotainment services.

mobile broadband only MVNO opportunities will allow you to create additional revenue streams through bundling products in the one plan. entertainment and cable operators companies can bundle mobile broadband with video content.

your bundle mobile service plans can be implemented with the cost of your products so that your end customers will be charged only once.  mobile broadband only solutions are viable alternatives for machine-to-machine, or machine to person communication channels.

M2M Opportunities

“let’s transmit “machine to machine.”

your business relies on system functionality and effective data transfer between devices.  similarly your customers need to rely on quality machine to machine communications to record and download data.

electricity meters, vending machines, fleet management, home alarm systems and patient monitoring systems are just a number of potential uses for M2M services.  each relies on the ability to effectively transfer data across wireless devices.

simplify your customers’ experience.  by offering a one-stop shop for mobile devices and data, customers require both the device and service to be activated – allowing them to minimise downtime by accessing more than one service, and creating additional revenue streams for your business.  in addition, an all in one solution ensures quality control through a carefully managed service provision.

Market Sector Growth

Be the solution

the mobile market is poised for MVNO growth. MVNO connections are forecast to reach 85.6 million users by 2015 and revenues are expected to be USD$9.5 billion.  (Source: Ovum 08/2010, www.ovumkc.com).

previous market barriers are being addressed.  carriers have made substantial investments in mobile telecommunications to support growth in 3 GSM networks, CDMA networks, 4G networks and 4G/LTE plus wireless broadband providers.  Increased system capability has led to exponential growth in wireless devices and applications.

reducing the need for extensive infrastructure and creating the ability to reach new audiences has seen non-traditional retail leaders enter the sector, including Walmart, republic wireless, Tesco UK, 7-Eleven and Virgin Mobile.

with emveno as your infrastructure provider capable of billing and support, the current market provides a real opportunity to have the competitive edge with your consumers.

retail brands checklist

the 10 key questions every retail organisation ought to ask

1. am I currently leveraging my brand to its best advantage?

2. who are my target customers?

3. am I reaching them?

4. am I giving them what they want? (Similarly: ‘am I keeping them?’)

5. what are my competitors doing to attract my customers

6. do I cross-sell effectively?

7. am I considering all potential revenue streams?

8. can I scale up business safely?

9. does my infrastructure support growth?

10. can I afford to spend on additional back-end solutions?

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