MVNO opportunities

thought MVNO is for traditional telco operators, think again
along with the traditional telecommunications market, including fixed operators and internet/cable operators, there are numerous opportunities for non traditional and retail brands to enter the MVNO market. these could include the likes of facebook, BMW, LG, zynga, google, sony, ford, starbucks, general motors, kindle, apple, hulu, Nintendo, dell, intel, American express, and cannon.

they could operate unlike traditional telco’s and target specific markets, applications, value added services and using mobile to improve business efficiency.

the specifically targeted MVNO will be the new operators of the future. MVNO’s are expected to represent 21% of all new mobile adds over the next 4 years. So if you think it is too late to entre the market think again.

the MVNO opportunities can be segmented into the below target markets

retail brands

  • increase revenue per customer
  • increase brand loyalty
  • greater marketing intelligence

ethnic brands

  • target ethnic groups with specific content
  • monetise international traffic
  • individualise home country calling

M2M opportunity

  • health monitoring
  • transportation tracking
  • utilities monitoring

fixed operators

  • provide the full suite of services
  • reduce customer churn
  • bundling opportunities

youth market

  • increase brand recognition
  • greater marketing opportunities
  • techno savvy and brand loyal

social media

  • specific data plans for social media
  • create social brand loyalty
  • monetise social followers of brand

partnering with the innovators

every retailer or customer centric business should consider the opportunity to become an MVNO, and enjoy the resultant benefits that flow on to their bottom line. emveno can assist you to get to know your target market, how to reach them, pre and post launch of your branded MVNO. emveno will provide a steady, stable and market-leading solution that allows you to talk to customers, while we support the back-end.

our MVNO solution is a fully outsourced model, which includes billing, provisioning, ordering and customer management using our MOBI system.  by offering wholesale solutions via our multi carrier relationships, we can offer our customers competitively priced telecommunications and mobile data products and services in all MVNO sectors.

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