what is a MVNO without mobile/cell access?

emveno wholesale multi carrier mobile access
a fundamental part of a successful MVNO is to have the right mobile/cell supply arrangements. you need to be able to supply to your customer the best network coverage and also the right mobile/cell access. be it CDMA GSM LTE. a multi carrier approach is the best way to ensure that your customer will receive what they have ordered and paid for. all mobile/cell network have varying degrees of coverage and speeds. the key is to ensure that your customes receives both.

but what is the best way to do this?

as a wholesale mobile supplier and by having a multi carrier approach you can ensure this will occur. however negotiating and committing to multiple carriers can be a long and costly exercise.

emveno, via our MVNO distribution model and aggregated volume, allows us to have the carrier relationships in place and you as the MVNO can deal with one party to deliver the multi carrier approach.

by having the multi carrier approach and putting the choice into the customers hand, you can ensure that you will have a longer term customer and reduce churn.

you as the MVNO can then choose which carrier you would like your customers to traverse on by numerous parameters

network coverage

multi carrier access allows the MVNO to choose the carriage provider which has best network coverage for the customer. our MVNO’s can offer best network guarantees as a differentiator.

data speeds

all carriers offer differing levels of network data speeds. depending on your MVNO segment, speed may or may not be a determining factor for success. why be limited if it is a requirement. multi carrier allows you to choose the speeds

least cost routing

if your MVNO segment is for voice only services, national or more over international, a multi carrier approach is essential. all carriers offer differing cost modelling for international and you as the MVNO need to take advantage of least cost routing.

you as the MVNO go to great lengths to acquire the customer, with our mulit carrier approach, we go to great lengths to ensure you keep them. customers matter

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